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27 Nov 2018 09:20

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<h1>Gaza Turns into Social Media Warzone Ahead Of Palestinian Elections</h1>

<p>The battle of phrases and pictures was triggered by a sequence of slick videos posted on YouTube representing Hamas’s pitch for the municipal elections - not least in Gaza City, one of many three most important and populous Palestinian cities. The message, after years emphasising Israeli occupation, siege and resistance, is relentlessly upbeat, that includes two key phrases that have additionally been deployed as hashtags on Twitter and Fb: “Thank you, Hamas” and “Gaza is extra beautiful”. The net battle has continued as the Israeli military - on Sunday and overnight on Monday - launched some 50 strikes in opposition to targets in Gaza.</p>

<p>The attacks by jets and Israeli tanks were in response to a missile, claimed by a jihadist group, that hit the nearby Israeli community of Sderot. The Hamas movies, that includes drone photographs, pop music and stylised production, depict a Gaza at odds with the grinding reality of high unemployment, frequent energy cuts and war-damaged buildings.</p>

<p>As a substitute, the scenes flit from the new sea-facet corniche to artfully-lit workplace blocks and an amusement park opened by Hamas, to universities, municipal labourers hard at work and lifeguards on the beaches. In the Fatah version - utilizing the same hashtag “thank you Hamas” however this time ironically - Israeli bombs are depicted exploding over the rooftops.</p>

<p>Neighbourhoods closely broken within the final conflict in 2014, equivalent to Shuja’iya, are shown as a gray patchwork of rubble. Hamas police are seen beating ladies on the street or preventing Salafists in a Rafah mosque. Most horrifying of all is the inclusion of pictures of dead Palestinian youngsters from current conflicts. It has not only been the rival videos which were struggling for consideration however related hashtags too, usually mirroring every others’ messages: Hamas asserting it is “ready to rule” with Fatah saying it's “able to rule”. The unique hashtags are already turning into the punchline for jokes amongst opponents of Hamas, while a shot-by-shot deconstruction of Hamas’s first video has been extensively shared on Facebook.</p>

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<p>What seems certain is that the battle seems likely to intensify as each sides train up social media activists to combat their corner. A way of the campaigns’ surreal strangeness is underlined by the fact that Khaled Safi, a Hamas-supporting social media consultant, says he has suggested both Hamas and Fatah activists.</p>

<p>“Officials recognise that these elections will likely be the first Palestinian elections fought on social media,” he told the Guardian. The future of Gaza: from metropolis below siege to world tourism hub? Safi says the aggressiveness of the rival social media campaigns reflects the polarisation of Palestinian society, a divide he expects to be exacerbated further.</p>

<p>“Palestinian society is stuffed with polarised ideologies. ] elections in 2006 when the events tried to persuade rivals and those who were impartial to vote for them, these elections are about persauding their own core base to vote. “There is lack of confidence throughout the events themselves, whether it's Fatah or Hamas. It is about persuading voters to vote for them once more. “With the level of misery we're residing with, I really feel social media is a magic solution. Safi sees the Hamas campaign - for all its optimistic spin - as basically oppositional, forcing Fatah to reply.</p>

<p>What can't be disputed is that Hamas’s supporters, even forward of the official start of campaigning, weren't only ahead of the curve however far glitzier as nicely. “Hamas,” says Safi, “takes the opportunity to strive new strategies all the time. “People are making jokes about it. I met at present with one of the Hamas leaders and he stated that there is numerous criticism of it in Hamas - that they will steadily disappear.</p>

<p>And among those who both Hamas and Fatah are attempting to persuade - Gaza’s new technology of Palestinian voters - there is deep scepticism aimed at both sides. Farah Bakr, 18, will be capable to vote if the elections take place in October. A blogger who built an enormous following during the 2014 battle, she won’t be voting for both celebration. “I see most Palestinians in Gaza being in opposition to each Fatah and Hamas. After all the pieces we’ve lived by, all the wars, I imagine all these videos are such a lie. We reside in Gaza.</p>

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